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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

100 Ways to Save Money

The world is having a serious financial crisis. Many people has lost their jobs because of it. To survive, you need to save your money. Basically you can save money by reducing your comfort. Comfort means money. But there are also other tricks to save money. Here are 100 ways to save money:

1. Computer Screen savers does not reduce energy consumption. Automatic switching to sleep mode or hibernate is better.

2. Consider buying a laptop. They use less energy than desktop computers.

3. Consider buying LCD monitor. They use less energy than CRT monitor.

4. Stop renting the cable modem. You can buy a cable modem for cheaper cost in the future.

5. Plug your computer and other electronic into a good UPS. So can save money by not buying a new circuit board that is fried.

6. Use open source software like Linux Operating System and Open Office.

7. Upgrade an existing PC rather than buying a new one. Usually it is cheaper to upgrade. But if your computer is very old, you need to buy a new one.


8. Maintain your heating system appliances because they are the ones that consume too much electricity.

9. Turn off the lights if it is not used.

10. Use low energy light bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs.

11. Clean your AC air filters. A dirty air filter reduces airflow, causing it to work harder and use more energy.

12. Use of solar power for for heating water.

13. Find natural gas appliances with blue flames. This indicates that the gas is burning efficiently.

14. Install a programmable thermostat to have your house in comfortably warm in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer.

15. Turn off your electronic appliances like TV, and computer when not in use.

16. Look dishwasher for the ENERGY STAR label that uses less water and less energy.

17. Regularly manual

18. defrost freezers. Frost buildup decreases the energy efficiency of the unit.

19. Cover your kettle or pan to boil water. It will be done faster and can save energy.

20. Request an energy audit from your utility company. It's free, and they'll give you plenty of tips to reduce your power bill.

21. Lower your thermostat 1 degree and you will save 2 percent on your monthly energy bill. You can put on a sweater to deal with the cold.


22. Go to work by using bus, or maybe riding a bike.

23. Check your engine and tire pressure. Having unequal pressure can greatly affect the car's fuel economy.

24. Look for frequent shopper deals on gas. Some grocery stores can offer gas discount with a frequent shopper card.

25. Avoid rush hour traffic as much as possible. Stopping in traffic can burn up lots of gas.

26. Drive at constant speed to save gas.

27. Keep your car light. Remove any unnecessary heavy items from your car. Heavy items makes the car work harder.

28. Take turns with your nearby friend to work.

29. Fix your car with skilled mechanic. If it is not correctly repaired, you might pay more for broken spare parts in the future.

30. Consider buying a fuel

31. efficient car.

32. Compare prices at different gas stations, and find the lowest.

33. Choose manual transmission car than automatic.

34. Use the correct grade of the oil which tells about the viscosity. If you use the wrong grade, you may increase the friction in your engine, and uses more gas.

35. Replace your air filter every three months or 3,000 miles or as specified in your owner's manual.

Credit card

36. Be sure to pay on time.

37. Don't spend more than you can afford.

38. Pay off your balance in full each month if possible.

39. Stop using credit cards. You can overspend, if you're getting money from credit account.

40. Avoid using cash advances on credit card. Only it as the last option. They have a higher interest rate than regular card charges.

41. Transfer your credit card debt to a card that charges a lower interest rate. Read your application carefully for this.

42. Negotiate a lower rate with your credit card company. If you have a good credit history, they might lower your interest rate.

43. If you have a balance on more than one credit card. Pay the most you can afford on the highest interest rate card, and make the minimum payment on the others. Once the card with the highest interest rate is paid, you can start paying the next highest interest rate.


44. Before shopping create your shopping list and stick with it.

45. Don't buy branded goods, and buy cheaper product with the same quality.

46. Buy in bulk whenever possible. It is cheaper.

47. Buy generic products whenever possible. There are plenty of private label product nowadays. The store will make their own product using their own brand. This is cheaper because they do not spend money for advertising.

48. Always compare product's price and specification when you need to buy expensive things.

49. Shop online. Online company usually cheaper, because they can save money on their store rent.

50. Use coupons for shopping.

51. Find a garage sale. You can find gold there.


52. If you are sick buy generic drugs. Generic drugs are basically the same as the branded ones in terms of ingredients and quality.

53. Don't smoke or reduce cigarette.

54. Don't drink alcohol or reduce your alcohol consumption.

55. Don't go to the gym. You can exercise by running or riding a bicycle.

56. Stay healthy. Eat well and rest well. Don't drink or smoke.

57. Reduce your weight. Overweight is source to many illness.

58. Participate in your employer's health insurance plan. They have lower rate, because employers direct a large number of people to the insurer.


59. Use only TV cable that you really need. Choose a smaller package.

60. Don't buy popcorn and drinks on theater. They are very expensive.

61. Rent a movie instead of going to the theater.

62. Do cheap entertainment like hiking, picnicking, fishing, or camping.

63. Buy movie tickets in bulk. The cost per ticker is lower.

64. When traveling, buy a guidebook instead of hiring a travel guide.

Food and drink

65. Cook home as often as you can. By not eating at the restaurant, you can save a lot.

66. Bring your lunch from home.

67. Eliminate Expensive Coffee Drinks. In some places, you pay a lot for the atmosphere not the coffee.

68. Use discount dining cards.

69. Take advantage of promotions, like buy one get one free offer.

70. Consider making your own bread. You can find the recipes in the internet.

71. Buy products on sale. Repackage and store it in the freezer for future use.

72. Consider buying meat with bones. Being willing to skin and de-bone it yourself can save you dollars.

73. If you have time, consider cooking from scratch. Frozen meals is convenient but more expensive.


74. Book your hotel at least one month in advance.

75. Don't use hotel phones for long-distance calls before inquiring about the charges.

76. Find fares and room rates on Internet which is usually cheaper.

77. Go travel by avoiding the crowds. If a destination sees its highest tourist traffic in winter, then go on summer, spring or fall if posible.

78. Use small inn instead of a big hotel.

79. Go wait until the last minute for an airline ticket. They usually on sale because plenty of times a plance is flying around 80% full.


80. When you apply on mortgage, go for the shortest-term mortgage you can afford. Shortest-term will save you more money.

81. Consider refinancing your mortgage if you can get a rate that is lower than your existing mortgage rate. If the interest is low, it's time to refinance your loan.

82. Don't buy lottery. The odds of winning is very low.

83. Save you money in piggy bag dailly. Be discipline on it.

84. Apply scholarships for your college.

85. Improve your credit score so you can get better deal on loans.

86. Don't do stock trading. Buy and hold is better because you don't have to pay commission. You just need to buy good and cheap company and hold it.

87. If you don't rely on your broker's recommendations and don't trade often, choose a discount broker, where transactions cost is lower.


88. Use free online greeting card if you want to send someone a card.

89. Find used products at eBay.

90. Buy used books instead of new books at amazon.

91. Get free software from

92. Save on your communication bill by chatting via computer or with free software from It's free to call another Skype user.

93. Don't subscribe on printed magazine. Read online news sites is cheaper.

94. Instead of buying whole album, buy music that you really like from service like Itunes.


95. Don't buy things that do do not need.

96. Borrow books from the library instead of buying.

97. Pay yourself first. Deposit 10% of every salary in a savings account.

98. Be an early bird for seminars.

99. Do a garage sale to get rid of un-needed items.

100. Bundle your services, like bundling cable or satellite TV, telephone service, and high-speed Internet service. This is often cheaper than you buy it separately.

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